Affiliations and Organizations:

Marine Rescue  
Volunteer marine rescue organisation.

Australian Maritime Safety Authority 
Federal government regulatory authority.

NSW Maritime
NSW Government Authority responsible for marine safety.

Boating Industry Association of NSW
Association for marine business in New South Wales.

Australasian Institute of Marine Surveyors 
Australian marine surveyors organisation.

International Institute of Marine Surveying
An independent, non-political organisation, open to qualified marine surveyors from around the world.

International Institute of Marine Surveying, Australasia & Oceania Branch
A branch of the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS), representing the interests and those of its members in the Australasia and Oceania region. 

Marine Surveyors Register
This register enables the user to select a Marine Surveyor with the confidence that they belong to a recognised Marine Surveying Organisation that has strict rules on selection.



Useful Information:

NSW Marine Directory  
A marine  business directory, published by the Boating Industry Association of New South Wales.

Sydney Boating Directory  
An online marine business directory for Sydney and its surrounding areas.

Boating Links Australia
An online marine directory of all marine businesses located in Australia.

Bureau of Meteorology  

Australian Government forecasts, warnings and latest weather observations.

Waves, Wind, Tides and Swell forecasts for Australian Boating Regions.


Marine Classifieds and Business Directory for Australia.



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Pre-Purchase Marine Survey

This comprehensive marine survey is recommended when purchasing a new or used vessel.

More Information

Insurance Marine Survey

Condition and Valuation (C&V) Survey Report is generally required by an insurance underwriter.

More Information

Valuation Marine Survey

This inspection is performed to gather the information required to determine the fair market value.

More Information

Damage Inspection Survey

A damage marine survey report is a job specific inspection that assesses the extent of damage to a vessel.

More Information

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