Professional Marine Survey Reports by ShipShape Marine Surveying.
Marine Surveyors for Sydney, Pittwater and the New South Wales Coast.

At ShipShape Marine Surveying we can provide a complete range of professional marine survey reports designed to assist the modern boat buyer and owner.The quality of these marine surveys has been built on the knowledge, training, and maritime experience of our registered marine surveyor, endorsed by an industry recognised Diploma in Yacht & Small Craft Marine Surveying.

It is our aim, as IIMS registered marine surveyors, to protect your investment and your safety afloat, with an emphasis on quality, detail and professionalism. 

Our range of comprehensive and detailed marine surveying inspection reports include:

Please use this website to find the marine survey that suits your requirements or contact our registered and accredited marine surveyor to talk through your specific details. We understand that a marine survey is a very personal affair and so we look forward to meeting with you to discuss your specific requirements.

Pre-Purchase Marine Survey

This comprehensive marine survey is recommended when purchasing a new or used vessel.

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Insurance Marine Survey

Condition and Valuation (C&V) Survey Report is generally required by an insurance underwriter.

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Valuation Marine Survey

This inspection is performed to gather the information required to determine the fair market value.

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Damage Inspection Survey

A damage marine survey report is a job specific inspection that assesses the extent of damage to a vessel.

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